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Living Our Own Truths

My college psychology instructor was famous on campus for saying profound statements. Often his sayings were very simple and to the point. That point usually stung someplace sensitive in his students’ minds. Once he said something like this: “You might … Continue reading

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One of my Facebook friends put this question to his fellow Facebook friends: “Are Facebook Friends real friends?” The few people who commented didn’t dodge the issue. A couple of them said that too many Facebook Friends are only numbers … Continue reading

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The New Age writer and lecturer Stuart Wilde once advised his audience to walk in the rain in one’s best clothing without a topcoat or an umbrella. I heard this on one of his cassette tape audio books–perhaps  it’s on Life … Continue reading

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When the subject of garlic comes up in conversation, I sometimes imagine vampires. Usually an image of Count Dracula from one of those vintage black and white thriller movies pops into my head. I get the urge to talk in a … Continue reading

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Variety Pack …Floral Friday

Today I chose a varied selection of containers to ensure three different approaches to arranging. That means there is no over-arching theme to today’s Floral Friday. The first container has a modernistic shape and features 14 small openings around the … Continue reading

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Going With The Flow

Last month, the air and ground in my neighborhood was filled with the fuzzy fluff from cottonwood trees. This spring was also noteworthy for an overabundance of dandelions in town. These are examples of plants that use the flow of wind … Continue reading

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Some Madness

What disturbs us most about others is that which is that which is imperfect in ourselves. A statement similar to this was brought up in the comments section I came across on Facebook the other day. This is nothing new … Continue reading

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