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Happy Hallowe’en

One of my grandfathers was born on Hallowe’en. He wanted his birthday celebration to take a back seat to the holiday. ┬áHe was a natural grandpa who loved all kids. He especially looked forward to the trick or treaters who … Continue reading

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Feeling Ambivalent

A large, grey-brown spider distracted me from reading yesterday afternoon after her downward movement appeared in my peripheral vision. I immediately wondered why a basement spider was building a web in the living room. In all the years spent in … Continue reading

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Hermit Day

My events calendar points out that today is National Hermit Day. This is a commemoration that touches a special place in my mind because of the hermit-like nature of my personality. The 29th of October was selected as Hermit Day … Continue reading

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Reflecting On Attitude

I suppose I could have created an easy post on this blog today by cutting and pasting a few feel good quotations about the value of maintaining a positive attitude. That’s not my style, in fact the easy way out … Continue reading

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Contemplation At The Cemetery

In the distant past, Prospect Hill Cemetery was to the northwest, outside the city limits of Norfolk, Nebraska. In the not so distant past, the city has expanded. Now, the cemetery lies well within the boundaries of Norfolk. One might … Continue reading

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Feeling Cranky

One of the Ancient Roman superstitions concerned getting up on the wrong side of the bed. The left side was inauspicious and the right side was auspicious. If an ancient Roman citizen climbed out of his bed on the left, … Continue reading

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Fancy Glass …Floral Friday

Early experimentation with glass and the use of color in it probably began around 3500 BCE in Mesopotamia and Egypt. The early glass-makers discovered that certain substances, when added to molten glass, produced attractive colors. Since that time, we humans … Continue reading

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