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Some Thoreau In Life

“As for doing good; that is one of the professions which is full. Moreover I have tried it fairly and, strange as it may seem, am satisfied that it does not agree with my constitution.”–Henry David Thoreau There are people … Continue reading

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Outdoor Default Growth …Floral Friday

Instead of me arranging some blooms today, I’m going to simply display a few flowers that appear by default, courtesy of Mother Nature around my immediate neighborhood. These are simply as they appear, uncut and unprocessed through the lens of … Continue reading

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As a very young boy I had a pal named Nicholas.  He prefered to be called by his formal, proper name.  He liked that his name was the same as that of Saint Nicholas.  The trouble is, that most of … Continue reading

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Authentic Old Fashioned Cooking

Frequently, I come across a very old book and then investigate its pages.  The old publication might be mildly interesting.  At best, the old book will contain fascinating anthropological clues about daily life in years gone by. The other day, … Continue reading

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Only One Planet

Since childhood, I inherited the trait of packratism.  Stuff has accumulated in the form of collections.  I have plenty of collections, some are nifty and others make me wonder what I was thinking at the time I started the collection. … Continue reading

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Mindful Communication

The integrity of mass communication lately is very questionable.  To many people, this is not news.  But to others, this lack might be something they’ve not considered. Just because a person is on teevee, radio, or other mass media outlet … Continue reading

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Let me start out by reminding you that it’s Våffeldagen all day today.  By now, you know my fondness for holidays.  Any excuse for a holiday is fine for me.  As you can likely figure out, Våffeldagen is not one … Continue reading

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