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I Don’t Know

One of my school chums could never say, “I don’t know”. If one of my friends┬ácornered him on a fabricated answer, he only became more defensive. Gary was actually a pretty intelligent guy. He went on to graduate school and … Continue reading

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Autopsy Of America (Review)

Urbex or urban exploration is a subject that fascinates me, so the book of photographs by Seph Lawless, Autopsy of America had to come home with me. Pathos floods over the mind when pondering the images of this book. This … Continue reading

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Playing By The Rules

One of my cousins was always the banker whenever we played the “Monopoly” board game. The rest of us didn’t like this, but we went along because we didn’t want grandma to hear us quarreling. Sandy said we had to … Continue reading

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I finally broke down and replaced my old, obsolete tablet. All it had become good for was as a home for a gallery of photos. There were no relevant apps that worked well anymore. Meanwhile, the new tablet contains many … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About Good And Evil

During the past couple of years, we have witnessed the maturation of another cycle of the struggle between great good and morbid evil in the world and our nation. The seeds of this growth were planted and nurtured years ago … Continue reading

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Today Is Dog Day

Happy Dog Day to you. This is the equal time day that compliments Cat Day on August 8th. Today is when we pay special attention to our canine friends. It doesn’t matter whether the dog is purebred or a mixture … Continue reading

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Tall Glass …Floral Friday

Tall colorful art glass is usually displayed without any floral adornment within the pieces. This is because it looks finished on its own. However, to me, a vase is meant to be used as a vase, so I often do … Continue reading

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