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In the large shopping mall, the little boy kept tugging at my sleeve insisting that I buy a beer. “It’s only 50-cents. Please,I want beer.” I repeatedly told him, “No, I cannot buy you a beer.” The boy said, “One … Continue reading

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Creativity Happiness

Not so many years ago, if life was treating me bad, the best cure for unhappiness was my job. I was very fortunate to get paid for what I loved to do–play records for the public. As soon as I … Continue reading

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A Pillow On Your Refrigerator

Supposedly placing a pillow on top of your refrigerator today will bring good luck to your family for a year. My friend José emailed me with this little tidbit as a little joke saying I should try it.  Of course, … Continue reading

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The Internet click-bait quiz says that my dislike of fish says that I love to have fun, enjoy festive parties, and am very outgoing. Internet quizzes are ubiquitous on Facebook. This particular quiz was titled “What Your Least Favorite Foods … Continue reading

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One of the old words Andy remembered Friday during our conversation about rarely used words is the term “specious”. The chat about obsolete and seldom words was noteworthy enough to justify yesterday’s bluejayblog post. It is through speciousness that we … Continue reading

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Old Words

Yesterday while my friend Andy and I discussed our favorite author, Mark Twain, our conversation wandered into the topic of old and obsolete words. This happened, in part, due to the fact that Twain was a master wordsmith. Much of … Continue reading

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Steel Blue …Floral Friday

Late spring means a shift towards more heat and humidity. This often creates a craving for cool and brisk. Although I cannot alter the outdoors weather, I can change some of the indoor visuals. I like the icy appearance of polished … Continue reading

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