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Glassy …Floral Friday

For the final Floral Friday of 2021 I wanted to utilize three of my current favorite glass containers. So, the cobwebs were removed; the containers were soaked; and finally were polished dry with a microfiber cloth. The fire-orange Blenko bottle … Continue reading

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Managing Security

This year has been another doozy in so far as my personal life is concerned. Thankfully it wasn’t as severe as 2020, though. Yet, a romantic breakup this spring along with the deaths of a family member and two friends … Continue reading

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Unfinished Business

The day-planner book has only a few more pages until it expires. Although there are two small squares for January 1st and 2nd of next year, I won’t use those because I have already began jotting notations and reminders in … Continue reading

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Naiveté or innocence? There is a fine line separating their definitions. Naiveté is associated with childhood but is frequently used in relation to adults who lack sophistication and complexity. Meantime innocence means that one has done no wrong, has not … Continue reading

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Creating Balance

Now that we’re past the Christmas rush, we are better able to pause and take a personal inventory of our lives. How did we live our lives during the past twelve months? Many people, me included, like to use the … Continue reading

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Right Sharing

Perhaps you have had to participate in a group project at some time in your career or in school. Every member of the group was assigned and/or expected to perform a particular role in the project’s completion. In reality, everybody … Continue reading

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Season’s Greetings 2021

It’s easy to believe that we’re supposed to conform to the holiday season norms. Of course, we really are not obligated to do so. This is one reason why I prefer to use the phrases “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings”. … Continue reading

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