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February Experiments …Floral Friday

Transition from Winter to Spring is making itself known more frequently lately.  A person can feel a certain upsurge in energy, but still feels a draw to Winter.  I notice that ambiguous feeling nearly every year at this time. This … Continue reading

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Magnificent Desolation (Review)

In one way, astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s second autobiography, Magnificent Desolation, is like the tone poem by Richard Strauss, “Also Sprach Zarathustra”.  The first portion builds up to a dizzying climax and then settles into standard fare.  The “theme” to the … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About Cruelty

I awakened at 2:30 this morning fully alert and very troubled.  I had planned to sleep in much later, but my mind must have been processing the series of five videos I had watched an hour before bedtime, last night.  … Continue reading

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Sugar Pines

Naturalist John Muir called the majestic Pinus lambertiana the “Queen of the Sierras”. It is also claimed that Muir preferred the sap of the tree to that of maple trees.  Native people of the Cascade and Sierra Mountain areas called … Continue reading

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Diá De La Bandera

The first thing, this morning, I emailed Jorge to wish him a happy Diá de la Bandera (Flag Day).  Even though he is a naturalized U.S. citizen, Jorge still feels a nostalgic tug in his heart for the country of his … Continue reading

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Dog Biscuit Day

My friend Rex has spoiled his German Shepherd Mix totally rotten.  He surfs the web for various homemade dog food recipes that will satisfy his dog, Pootie.  Not only does Rex prepare homemade dog food, but he has a couple … Continue reading

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Moose Murders

A few of my long-distance friends enjoy Broadway and/or Musical Theatre presentations.  But since I live nowhere close to New York or any other city that hosts such cultural fare, I’ve had a difficult time attending such presentations or gaining … Continue reading

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