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EZ Credit

I like to surf over to eBay to check the going prices for vintage items that I may wish to sell.  While I’m there, I sometimes “window shop”, looking at cool stuff that I’d like, but don’t have the room … Continue reading

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Intimacy Deficit

How often do you think about your deeper feelings?  Do you contemplate such issues as compassion, love and intimacy?  Do you do this often or only when some sort of crisis occurs in your life? Thoughts about these topics sometimes reveal … Continue reading

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International Tiger Day

The air was calm and mildly fragrant that evening in the rural Kodagu District of Karnataka State in South India. My Indian friend and I were taking an after dinner stroll away from his family’s plantation.  The forest was thick … Continue reading

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Slogum House

This villain is one of the most frightening, despicable, slimy, pitiful characters to be found in American fiction.  The figure is not scary because she has super powers, nor is she the dictator of a third world nation nor is … Continue reading

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A Bit Of Kitsch …Floral Friday

There is a place for cheap, cheesy knick knacks in everyone’s environment.  It all depends upon one’s sense of taste and sense of humor.  At times we get to feeling a bit high on our horses so we need to … Continue reading

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Unhappy, events like accidents and difficulties happen to everybody rich or poor.  We may try to shield ourselves and loved ones from misfortune, but we soon find out how futile that is. You may be familiar with the experience of … Continue reading

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Taking A Break

I looked at my events calendar this morning and saw that not much is going on aside from Furrinalia.  At first, I thought to write a pleasant but short essay about the rather obscure holiday. I looked into the special … Continue reading

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