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From my perspective, it appears that wide-spread complacency has brought civilization to the brink of collapse. We have lulled ourselves into this collective state of mind because we seem to think we have all the necessary answers at our disposal … Continue reading

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When We Rise (Review)

Cleve Jones writes that his book is not an autobiography, rather it is a memoir.  What an incredible memoir it is. It’s a personal book of memories in which nearly every member of the LGBT community can find something to … Continue reading

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Deluxe …Floral Friday

We like to have a little pizzaz in our lives, even if it’s done in a small way.  I have three examples of what can be done to add just the right touch to a special place. An enameled copper … Continue reading

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To Dream

The snow fell in large clumps and was stuck onto all the surfaces along the path. The wet precipitation seemed to be the source of great happiness and serenity. As I glided above the snowy surface I felt increasingly greater … Continue reading

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Charles Richter’s Scale

People like to compare things so we can wrap our minds around difficult concepts and events. For instance, there have long been means of comparing the severity of hurricanes and tornadoes.  If you’ve ever experienced a tremor or a full … Continue reading

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Something About License Plates

When was the last time you or your family played the license plate game?  I probably last played it just before I got my driving permit because the license plate game is rather distracting. There are several variations of how … Continue reading

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Sky Awareness

The sky is everpresent.  The sky is the part of our world that can be breathtakingly beautiful and at times, very frightening.  We would not exist without the sky.  Most of us only usually take notice of the sky when … Continue reading

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