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Well, after the tiring hype that’s been happening since September, Halloween has finally arrived. The holiday seems more anti-climatic than in previous years. I suppose that’s what so much marketing and expectation does to such days as today. I’m afraid … Continue reading

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Chuck explained that when the tree fell, he had just gotten up and was getting ready for the afternoon. (He works swing shift.) My neighbor was startled because the boom sounded like a crack of thunder. He looked out of … Continue reading

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Natural Light This Week …Floral Friday

After completing this week’s three projects, I noticed that sunlight was streaming into the living room and reflecting off of the white walls and skimming across the green sofa. The effect was just right for photographing the projects, so I … Continue reading

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Toxic Positivity

One of my second cousins mentioned to some of us at a family get-together that she still felt sad about the divorce she had gone through two years ago. This was understandable because the process had been drawn out and … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts About Competition

Conflict and competition are inevitable in humans from childhood onwards. This is just an aspect of our biological nature. Competition may arise in the form of sibling rivalry, or conflict among pupils in the classroom. Competition for higher grades and … Continue reading

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Schemes And Scams

This past weekend, I received a phone call from a person who claimed to be an Internal Revenue Service agent. She claimed that the government had refunded $200 too much income tax return money. The caller asked if I had … Continue reading

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The Moon

According to the last count, Saturn has 83 moons to lead all of the Solar System’s Planets in sheer numbers of natural satellites. Jupiter comes in a close second with 79, Uranus and Neptune have 27 and 14 to round … Continue reading

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