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Rare Disorders

We human creatures have evolved into the dominant mammalian species of our planet.  We’ve come about this way by accident and by determination to survive against all odds. Somehow, we’ve managed to win major struggles against infectious agents and genetic … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Taylor Said…

There’s very little that I can say about one of my favorite screen stars that other people haven’t already said.  On the late Elizabeth Taylor’s birthday, today, I decided to look back on a few of her best sayings as … Continue reading

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Ghost Rockets

As a kid, I evesdropped on a few of the stories about the “old country”, Sweden, as told by my great uncles.  A few of the tales were about odd things that were witnessed by family members during World War Two and … Continue reading

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Everything Is Temporary

My original intent for today’s subject was to be about the official dissolution of Prussia.  But as I started researching the final years of that kingdom, I found that it was interconnected with many European events and nations.  Even to … Continue reading

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Battle Of Los Angeles

The recent alarming reports of our military conducting drills and battle practice over some U.S. cities reminded me of an account told to me several years ago.  A former co-worker of mine, Eugene, grew up in Los Angeles around the … Continue reading

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Coach Osborne

I would be neglecting a big part of my Nebraska residence if I failed to mention Tom Osborne.  He’s almost as much of a legend in these parts as was Johnny Carson.  To Nebraska college football fans, Osborne is a … Continue reading

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Jazz Your Mug …Floral Friday

I enjoy drinking my morning coffee out of unique cups and mugs.  I’ve been collecting coffee mugs for many years.  The containers can be found nearly anywhere.  Some of the best  ones are intended as souvenirs.  They’re a great alternative … Continue reading

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