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Personal Space

A few of my acquaintances have the unnerving habit of sharing much more of their personal life and problems with me than I care to know. They epitomize the phrase “TMI–too much information”. They don’t tell me TMI as a … Continue reading

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End of November Projects …Floral Friday

The month of November in North America is a time of wrapping things up for the year. This is especially true in the agricultural sector. The few remaining crops in the fields are harvested and the lands are readied for … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Way back in time, before Thanksgiving became football day and the prelude to “Black Friday”, I remember the holiday as feeling distinct and meaningful for its own sake. Our family usually participated in a “triad” of venues for celebrating the major … Continue reading

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Dressed For Work

Right now, I’m wearing a pair of tan khakis, a tan, long-sleeved tee-shirt topped with an old grey zip-up sweater. A pair of Chukka boots are protecting my feet from the cool floor. I dress in similar attire each day … Continue reading

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High Expectations

Those of us who fall for clickbait and click on the links, still have a little bit of faith in humanity. Although the lion’s share of clickbait turns out to be lame, misleading, or overloaded with advertising, once in a … Continue reading

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Blasé Day

Ho hum, we have another celebration today. Blasé Day has arrived already, whooptee doo. Do you ever feel so weary that it’s hard to get a rise out of yourself? Things that used to seem exciting and pleasurable don’t move … Continue reading

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Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

This year, Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day falls on a Sunday. This is an ideal opportunity to practice, perform, or otherwise engage with our talents. I use the plural form of talent because all of us have more than one. … Continue reading

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