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New Orleans Mint Takeover

The ability to issue money is one of the major acts to legitimize any nation.  For the short-lived Confederate States of America, a fully operating mint had already been in operation since 1838. January 26, 1861 Louisiana’s secession from the … Continue reading

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Thinking About Pencils

I think the old maxim, “The Pen is mightier than the sword” is in need of correction.  It should read, “The Pencil is mightier than the sword.” I have a fair amount of pens. There’s even an expensive fountain pen … Continue reading

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Recently, I came across an article that claims gorillas, when given cocaine, lie more often.  Like many items on the Internet, the story didn’t provide any good information, nor did it enlighten me.  It was good click-bait, though. I do … Continue reading

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National Cleaning Week

I’m all set to change into a pair of old blue jeans and t-shirt to tear into a job I started a couple of weeks ago.  My late father’s garage is my latest on-going clean-up project.  His packrat ways have … Continue reading

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The Extreme Weather Survival Manual (Review)

We have arrived at the time of year in the Northern Hemisphere,  I both love and abhor, springtime.  Sure, I love the return of song birds, the budding and flowering of plants, and warmer temperatures.  I dread the return of … Continue reading

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Duncan Hines

When you push a shopping cart down the baking goods aisle at the supermarket, you might notice Duncan Hines cake mixes. The popular product line is the offshoot of a pioneering salesman who introduced it in the mid-20th Century. Duncan … Continue reading

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Some Succulents …Floral Friday

Succulents and cacti have long been some of my favorite plants.  They’re fascinating because of their ability to thrive in harsh, dry conditions.  I love their shapes because they look so other-worldly.  They work nicely as accent plantings for either … Continue reading

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