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Getting Real

We have been told to dream big dreams and pray for more.  Much of our short time on this small planet is spent chasing after rainbows.  We want a better life filled with everything to our heart’s content.  Not only … Continue reading

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Expired Kodachrome

Three 36 exposure rolls of Kodachrome ISO 200 slide film had been squirreled away in my refrigerator since Kodak announced they were discontinuing the type back in 2007.  A cousin said not to worry about processing because he would be … Continue reading

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I simply love compound German words, especially long ones comprised of many, many letters.  They are precise in their meanings and they’re delightful to speak. This fondness stems from my overall love of the German language. The fact is, there … Continue reading

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Ponder That Feeling

In the dream, I was a passenger on a brightly colored cartoon railroad train. We riders were helpless observers to the chase scene involving the train and a black helicopter in pursuit.  As the train traversed a very high trestel … Continue reading

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Jumpstart Your Creativity

Imagine what the world would lack if Paul McCartney had grown up in an overly critical home.  What if all Meryl Streep’s parents said to her was, “When will you settle down and get a real job?” The Beatles, if … Continue reading

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Glassy …Floral Friday

I display colored glass vases on the check rails on some of my house’s double hung windows. Tuesday, while gazing out one of the windows,, I noticed that a green “lozenge” shaped vase had gathered dust. It had to be … Continue reading

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This Land (Review)

I came across a great big, heavy book of photographs this week and brought it home.  I wanted to view its contents, because I knew it would not be just another coffee table book full of “picture perfect” photography. Photographer … Continue reading

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