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Most of the topics my curiosity leads me to write about on this blog regard people and things that are worthy of celebration.  Maybe a person was the first woman sent into Space or somebody invented or improved something.  Even … Continue reading

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It’s been a couple of weeks since the horrific events that took place June 12th in Orlando, Florida.  There has been enough time for me to look at the polarized reaction to the massacre that specifically targeted the LGBT community. … Continue reading

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Tomatoes Are Not Poisonous

Tomatoes are a most misunderstood fruit. Botanically speaking they are a fruit, but legally, in the United States, they are considered to be a vegetable.  Yes, legally a vegetable. In 1883 The US Supreme Court passed this ruling.  Basically, a … Continue reading

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Buckle Up

The first seatbelts I remember were in dad’s 1961 Buick LeSabre.  He installed two sets of lap belts for the front bench seat. They were dull red nylon web fabric and fastened by means of threading one end through a … Continue reading

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Pied Piper

…He advanced to the council-table: And, “Please your honours,” said he, “I’m able, “By means of a secret charm, to draw “All creatures living beneath the sun, “That creep or swim or fly or run, “After me so as you … Continue reading

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Executive Order 8802

For people and groups who feel an aching need for basic civil rights protections, legal action on these matters takes an excruciating, frustrating long time. Civil rights, specifically fair employment practices, are still wedge issues in today’s political debate. From … Continue reading

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Some Birds …Floral Friday

I’m barely trying to cut back on the number of vintage vases and planters I bring home, but  I don’t criticize myself when another one comes home with me.  My ready excuse is, at least my hobby is much cheaper … Continue reading

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