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As I scrolled through my Facebook feed yesterday afternoon, a thought popped into mind: the world has adopted postmodernism hook, line, and sinker. While modernism is holding on by a fragile thread; postmodernism seems to rule. So, what is postmodernism? … Continue reading

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So Generous

“When a gift is deserved, it is no longer a gift; it is a payment.” I remember first hearing this statement as a teen, it’s a paraphrase of similar sayings. The words came to mind when an acquaintance showed off … Continue reading

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Beyond The Flow

The state of mind that is popularly called “Zen moment” is a fascinating concept. It commonly occurs when we are so focused on a task or during play that we do not think about ourselves as doing it. It’s when … Continue reading

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Genealogy has been an interest to people on both sides of my family for as long as I remember. One of mom’s aunts involved herself in extensive research about her family’s German roots. She published a thick book about her … Continue reading

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Inner Turmoil

I awakened with some mild cold symptoms then immediately jumped to conclusions that they must be the manifestations of Covid. I usually would not dive into worst case scenarios, but knowing people who have caught the dreaded virus has shifted … Continue reading

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Save Your Photos

September has been “Save Your Photos Month”, so I’ve been going through my digital storage media and the physical systems used to store snapshots and more serious photographs. I’ve come to distrust thumb drives and most disc-based storage media; however, … Continue reading

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Cylindrical …Floral Friday

An adaptable, basic, geometric shape is the simple cylinder. It works well when it is the primary, sole style element of vases. The cylinder is clean, simple, and minimalist. This week, I incorporate three cylindrical containers into the projects. I … Continue reading

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