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César Chávez Day

“Si, se puede.”  Yes, it can be done. The slogan for activist and organizer César Chávez, has been a rallying point for workers involved in the farm labor movement in the U.S. César Chávez was born on March 31, 1927 … Continue reading

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Salus Festival

I offer a toast to your good health on today’s Roman Festival.  XXX F Martius is the state holiday, The Festival of Salus.  The day dedicated to the health, well-being, and prosperity of individual citizens and the Roman State at … Continue reading

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End Of March Projects …Floral Friday

I wonder if the Romans named this month to honor the God of War because of the dynamic energy and radical changes that take place at this time of year.  The tail end of Winter snaps into the beginnings of … Continue reading

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Istanbul Not Constantinople

I was less than a year old when the song, “Istanbul Not Constantanople” was recorded by “The Four Lads”.  I apparently picked up on the numerous airings of the song on the radio when I was an infant, because the … Continue reading

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In The Dark

Darkness has had to endure so much bad press over the centuries.  Various cultures and belief systems have successfully libeled its neutral nature as somehow evil and horrible.  In the west, darkness is supposedly ruled by the “God of darkness”, … Continue reading

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A Little Robert Frost

Today is the birthdate of one of America’s most highly regarded writers.  The poet, playwright Robert Lee Frost was born on this date in 1874 in San Francisco.  He was one of the most critically acclaimed and popular poets of … Continue reading

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Huygens Finds Titan

Tick Tock Tick Tock Titan…  Alliteration is fun to use as a memory aid or just to bring a smile. In this case, the man who invented the mechanism for pendulum regulated time pieces is the same gentleman who discovered … Continue reading

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