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Happy National Mutts Day

I frequently like to check the origins or etymology of words because doing so helps me to better understand the definitions.  Because today is one of the National Mutts Days, I double-checked the word, mutt, to verify I understand what … Continue reading

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Self-Protection To A Fault

We discover very early in life to protect ourselves from harm.  This urge towards self-protection is a primary energy, clear down to the cellular level.  I think this urge is the primary basis for the emotion of fear.  So fear … Continue reading

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What About Anti-Boredom Month?

The lightning lit up the house like a strobe. The thunder rattled the windows. The wind bent the treetops. The rain whooshed down in torrents.  The excitement was palpable while the thunderstorm was overhead. Then it had passed.  What did … Continue reading

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The Prolific Plastics Promoter

One of the men responsible for the global acceptance of plastic wares for the home was a dreamer and tinkerer.  Earl Tupper enjoyed sketching and doodling.  In the process, he often came up with gadgets and whatchamacallits. His diary, was … Continue reading

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Reaction To Circumstances

While clearing some storm debris near the riverbank in my backyard last week, I encountered a bull snake.  Instinctively, I froze in place for a few moments.  Then I studied the snake because of its superficial resemblance to a rattlesnake.  … Continue reading

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Día de Rebeldía Nacional

Most of the holidays I research pose little or no official interest from our spy agencies.  This one is a bit different.  Today’s commemoration is a big day in Cuba.  I had to tip-toe through a potential minefield to find … Continue reading

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Clean Up Day …Floral Friday

The Spring cleaning has merged into Summer cleaning regarding the collectables that have accumulated around the house.   There were a few that have remained semi-permanent displays.  The kind of decoration that you overlook, but you’d notice if it went missing.  … Continue reading

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