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Bookish Themes …Floral Friday

This week, I utilized three unique vases and paired them with books that reflect perceived themes of the vases. Then, I let the mind loose to come up with floral interpretations of those elements. The chunky bud vase with the … Continue reading

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Lonesome Dreamer (Review)

I finally got around to reading the latest biography of the former poet laureate of Nebraska, Lonesome Dreamer: The Life of John G. Neihardt. The man was a noteworthy figure in Northeast Nebraska who grew up and worked for awhile … Continue reading

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There Are No Eighteenth National Banks

While waiting at a traffic signal yesterday, I noticed there was a First National Bank located catercorner at my left. Then a childhood question popped into my head–“Why are there so many banks with the number one in their names?” … Continue reading

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Some Ice Tea

There are probably some grammar Nazis who will glance at the title to┬áthis post and wince. Shouldn’t it say “iced tea”? I would have thought the same, not long ago. However, I’m less strict about word usage when it comes … Continue reading

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Marriage Equality Day

Two years ago today, much of the nation waited breathlessly for a landmark Supreme Court decision. One way or another, a verdict would be given about a long, emotional struggle to have same-sex marriages legally recognized across the nation. The … Continue reading

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Happy Leon Day

Just like death and taxes, the over-promotion, and commercialization of Christmas is a fact of life. I get that some people start playing holiday songs after Halloween. I even chuckle about Xmas in July. I’m finally accepting Leon Day. No, … Continue reading

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The Sensational Raisin

There’s a simple exercise that was brought to light by the Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh and the Zen teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn called the “Raisin Meditation”. It’s basically a mindfulness exercise. I like the Raisin Meditation because it’s capable of … Continue reading

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