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Bamboo Repot …Floral Friday

Procrastination about repotting my bamboo bush finally came to an end this past Sunday morning.  I felt some trepidation because of my lack of a green thumb and that the plant was a gift for dad’s funeral last year.  I … Continue reading

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More Slides from 1986

1986 was a landmark year in many respects. The Human Genome Project was launched and Internet Mail Protocol opened up to become the ubiquitous email. I was in the midst of experimenting with 35mm slides. There was the funeral of … Continue reading

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Moldy Houses

“It’s like the invasion of the body snatchers movie.” That’s what one of my pals at the gym said a couple of years ago. It was part of his reply when I asked why he hadn’t been at the gym … Continue reading

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It’s been a long time since anybody has wanted to play a game of chess with me, so I finally sold my good board and chessmen.  Now, when I get in the mood for a game, I play the one … Continue reading

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Celebrate Banned Books Week

Have you noticed that when something like music or literature is officially banned by a political or religious group that people’s curiosity about it is aroused?  Often, the particular song or book receives its most effective promotion by way of … Continue reading

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For Happy Cat Month

I thought that in reviewing a cat book, a couple of weeks ago, that the subject of happy cats had been covered enough for Happy Cat Month.  It wasn’t.  I had barely scratched the surface.  Cats are fascinating creatures to … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I lost my footing on one of the two steps leading to a landing which leads to basement stairs and to the back door of my house. I instinctively reacted by swinging my left arm to brace a fall.  … Continue reading

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