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One of the first times I found validation for my youthful rebelliousness was when I read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.  The fictional character had many of the same issues as I did and he had the … Continue reading

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Nancy Johnson’s Patent

The Memorial Day weekend brings to mind summertime and ice cream.  Many of us will take the time and effort to make it at home. Ice cream freezers come in electric or hand crank powered versions.  The basic design of … Continue reading

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One of my most embarassing flaws is naïveté.  I’ve had to expend a lot of effort to try to overcome it, but the tendency towards credulity remains as a paradigm in my thinking.  Ironically, this gullibility also provides the ground … Continue reading

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Joan Of Arc And The Dangers Of Cross Dressing

Joan of Arc, one of the most celebrated heroines of all time, died because of her practice of cross-dressing.  Of course the legend is much more nuanced than this condensed sentence suggests, but, in a nugget, that’s what happened. Medieval … Continue reading

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Dramatic …Floral Friday

Spring has been more rainy than usual this year in Northeast Nebraska.  The dark, drab days tend to bring me down a bit, so some dramatic statements are what have been needed, instead of the subtle, pastels we normally associate … Continue reading

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A Few Old Vacation Snapshots

Snapshots do not pretend to be objects of fine art.  They are primarily evidence artifacts we shoot in order to prove that we have done something or have gone somewhere.  In the case of vacation snapshots, we take them in … Continue reading

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Pushing The Envelope

During a lull in our conversation, I smiled at Jorge in a mischievous way and asked, “So, have you read any good books lately?” “As a matter of fact, I finally got around to reading that biography of Elon Musk … Continue reading

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