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Souvenirs …Floral Friday

I’m one of those tourists who enjoys buying small tokens of memorabilia when visiting attractions. I look for luggage friendly items like tee-shirts, caps, and knick knacks. If someone has been house-sitting at home, I include something for them, too. … Continue reading

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A fellow traveler–friend, Jorge, once said that when you want to become very good at doing something difficult you have to acknowledge how hard your path will be. You then have to begin putting it into practice as soon as … Continue reading

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So Loud!

Clouds, drizzle, and fog shrouded the afternoon sky and enhanced my drowsiness. I decided to settle into my favorite living room chair to chill out. I daydreamed of floating through clouds while stretching my arms to form childish wings. I … Continue reading

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Adapting To The Future

Futurism is a subject that fascinates many of us. I go through stretches of time intensely considering what civilization might be like after I’ve passed away. Much of this pondering has to do with what type of legacy will my … Continue reading

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Vive La Différence!

While discussing the merits and demerits of being vegetarian versus veganism, my vegan friend Kyle noted that both his and my lifestyles are motivated by the desire to be compassionate towards animals. He reiterated that vegans go one step further … Continue reading

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Back To Basics

While grocery shopping the other day, I came across the kitchen tools display in the notions aisle. There was a brand of serving spoons, whisks, spatulas, and so forth called “Back To Basics”. The products were simple, sturdy, and without … Continue reading

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Confront Fears

I started to open up my laptop this morning not knowing what to write. The lid was half-opened when I saw the prompt for today’s post. A medium-small spider had perched herself on the screen. I powered up my device but … Continue reading

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