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Personal Space

Hod was built like a tank and in his 60s when he hired me to work at the radio station. He was quite charismatic, had a deep voice, and dominated space wherever he went. He was proud of the glass … Continue reading

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Much Ado

It began as a case of mistaken identity. I was in the nursing home in Wayne, Nebraska (pre-pandemic) and was greeted by someone I hadn’t seen since ages ago. He had been visiting his mother who had just been admitted … Continue reading

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Most days were spent in a mental fog, during my 30s. This was due to a combination of sleep apnea and working the graveyard shift. Regardless of the amount of sleep and coffee intake, I rarely felt mentally up to … Continue reading

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Tinkering With Color Temperature …Floral Friday

Variable weather conditions and ground cover abound during November in the Great Plains of North America. The visual temperatures can range from a warmish light tan, to a frigid bluish white. When I glanced out the window that faces the … Continue reading

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One of the science teachers at Irving Junior High in Lincoln, Nebraska liked to remind us seventh graders at the time, to never stop learning and to live one’s life with intellectual curiosity, humility, and gratitude. His “hypothesis of happiness” … Continue reading

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Design and style are fickle, quirky concepts. On one hand, some of them are based mainly on impulsive flash and pizazz; while, on the other hand, some are primarily utilitarian. These traits apply to stuff and to current modes of … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Talent

My late brother Mark once remarked that the two of us were failed artists. We both had a good laugh because it was largely true. Our sketches and doodlings were uninteresting to others outside of the family. Even our father … Continue reading

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