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World No Tobacco Day

Plenty of my readers and friends have either smoked tobacco or continue to do so.  Most of us have at least been acquainted with friends and relatives who have or continue to smoke or use tobacco in some manner.  I … Continue reading

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Getting Centered

If you regularly meditate or engage in contemplation, you might sometimes find a bit of difficulty engaging in that sweet, quiet space within.  That’s normal, even the most advanced meditators have admitted that they sometimes encounter those situations. Trying to … Continue reading

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The Harrison Book

I’ve been looking forward to spending quality time with the photo book by Olivia Harrison.  The widow of George Harrison has compiled a rather large collection of images into a book that Beatles fans and Harrison fans, in particular, will … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Peach Cake

It’s a pleasure to serve fresh baked desserts to friends and family year around.  I certainly don’t like the idea of cranking up my conventional oven to bake a small cake when the temperature outside is a summery 90-plus Fahrenheit.  … Continue reading

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The Bridge Is 75

Everytime I visit San Francisco I walk across the bridge.  Ever since I moved away from the Bay Area, my return visits have been marked by this personal tradition.  It’s almost a religious experience to stroll on the walkway of … Continue reading

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Dorothea Lange

Cameras and photography are everywhere today.  We’re literally awash in photographic images about our daily lives.  We rarely give much thought to this phenomenon. It wasn’t always this way.  Photographing our lives used to be much more rare and artful … Continue reading

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Flower Pots …Floral Friday

Many of us were first exposed to flower culture by seeing or using basic flower pots.  My mom enjoyed raising African Violets in small glazed or terra cotta flower pots placed near the south windows.  Various aunts and uncles used … Continue reading

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