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What Is Inspirational?

I asked Walter what inspired him. The 94-year-old acquaintance answered, “I want to remain relevant to myself.” He reflected that for much of his life, he was worried about keeping up with popular social trends and political beliefs. As Walter … Continue reading

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Don’t Be A Sidekick

Dad sometimes expressed his wish for me to be a television host. He envisioned me of one day replacing Johnny Carson. Dad said not to settle for becoming Ed McMahon’s replacement. I usually brushed off dad’s comments by reminding him … Continue reading

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Our Inner Curmudgeons

Jonathan noticed my copy of Mark Twain’s collected works parked on the sofa. My friend stated that he was only familiar with Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, but not much else about the writer’s other stories. I asked Jonathan whether … Continue reading

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Is Privacy Dead?

My late friend Doug was extremely possessive of his privacy, so much so that his siblings knew very little about him. One of the last times we discussed the subject of privacy, Doug mentioned that he still did not have … Continue reading

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Another Go At Post-Modern Projects …Floral Friday

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any radical experiments by creating projects that display era-crossing styles. These vary from contemporary flowers in a Neo-Deco container, to subtle modernism within a vintage vase. Such arrangements are attempts to make artistic statements … Continue reading

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Encourage Anyway

After showing that he is trustworthy and is capable of improving his life, he was recently given permission to leave the halfway house. I met Eldon (an alias) at our town’s Goodwill Store. Eldon has a chipper, outgoing personality and … Continue reading

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Opposite Day 2023

I often enjoy arranging still lifes and floral arrangements that combine polar opposites. In a way, I believe that’s what people and myself are comprised of. We love freedom and crave security. We want lessez faire for ourselves and prohibitions … Continue reading

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