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More Twain On His Birthday

“You could train a cat to do what I did. You could train a garden slug to do what I did, but the cat would be quicker.”  Mark Twain fans stumble across this sort of self-deprecating humor nearly every time … Continue reading

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Long In The Tooth

My friend Greg mentioned one of his paternal uncles in conversation, yesterday.  He said, “Uncle Ted’s getting long in the tooth, so I don’t trust his opinion anymore.” I couldn’t help my grin, after hearing the seldom used idiom. The … Continue reading

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Games And Puzzles Week

Board games, boxes of puzzles, and playing cards were the go-to for fun in the family house when I was a kid. Many a night was spent playing “Monopoly”, “Scrabble”, or “Yahtzee”.  During solitary times or when the weather kept us … Continue reading

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November Tinkerings …Floral Friday

The wild swings of weather conditions of late November make my emotional state feel a bit unsettled.  This causes a buildup of nervous creative energy that I can feel all through my back and shoulders.  The best way to dissipate … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Is Also A Day Of Mourning

One of my friend Jorge’s coworkers is a First Nations citizen in Colorado. Last year, she told me that her family does not celebrate the Thanksgiving Day holiday.  They have a moment of silence and remember the very first Thanksgiving Day … Continue reading

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Say “Meh” For Blasé Day

The last time Jorge stopped by for a visit, we skimmed through my homemade, treasured notebook of accumulated, off-beat holidays.  His eyes stopped at the entry for Blasé Day.  He asked why I didn’t have any references listed for it.  … Continue reading

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Something About Dale Carnegie

When we see or hear the name, Dale Carnegie, we think of old school self-improvement, salesmanship, and social interactions.  In that he walked his talk, is evident to anyone who has read any of his books or taken one of … Continue reading

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