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Some Hats

Our string of ultra-dreary days is bound to end soon, but not enough to keep me away from spicing things up by rummaging through my hat collection. Putting on, just the right hat can make or break an afternoon if … Continue reading

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We’ve had a couple of low emotional energy days already this week.  There’s something low-key about heavily thick overcast skies.  The persistent stratus clouds settled in late yesterday morning after the tail-end of the snow-drizzle mix.  Hence, the setting for … Continue reading

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On A Spring Evening?

A stereotypical spring evening, it wasn’t.  I finished my meditation and poured myself a steaming mug of decaf joe.  I sat back in my easy chair gazing out at the bluish environment as very wet, fine snow was driven from … Continue reading

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Fire Training!

It looked like a typical, slow monday Norfolk, Nebraska morning. I’d finished my workout. Had a quick snack at home. Headed out again to pick up the mail at the Post Office. In my head, I wondered what to post … Continue reading

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Some Big Old Books

Long before there was even an idea of media retrieval systems, microfiche, or the Internet, there were reference books.  Many of them, oversize books.  If you were fortunate enough to grow up in a family who valued knowledge and had … Continue reading

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“Two Spirits”

Very, very rarely will you find me plugging a mainstream television program.  If you see or hear of me doing so, the show must be of superlative quality and of great social impact.  I’ve been told by some of my … Continue reading

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Handled …Floral Friday

I like to get a grip on things.  So, some of the things I like about many vases are the handles.  Sometimes the handles are useful and other times they’re just decorative.  Whichever the function, they are always an integral … Continue reading

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