We’ve had a couple of low emotional energy days already this week.  There’s something low-key about heavily thick overcast skies.  The persistent stratus clouds settled in late yesterday morning after the tail-end of the snow-drizzle mix.  Hence, the setting for a trip to the cemetery couldn’t have been  less cheery. 

The day had its upside.  We could finish placing my brother Mark’s cremains to rest.  We had waited until now because of the frozen winter ground typical in this part of the world.  We had also anticipated milder weather for late March.  I suppose it was a bit less intense. I drove to Wayne.  Picked up Mark’s urn, dad and sis.  Then stopped at dad’s church to pick up the pastor.  Then headed back west to the cemetery.  Mark’s last car ride.

We were a small group of mourners.  I suppose that’s usual when there’s nearly three months between the funeral and inurnment.  But I was glad to find a cousin and her husband had arrived.  Shortly after our arrival one of Mark’s close pals came out to pay his respects, too.

The pastor presided over a short ceremony.  Then we socialized for a few minutes and exited the cemetery.  I was reminded of the quiet ending of a novel.  The visuals would have made a great final scene of the film version of it.  I almost expected the credits to roll across my mental screen.

Closure was achieved.  Now the healing can continue for all of us.  Soon, the sunshine will break through the dark grey stratus blanket.


The Blue Jay of Happiness thanks you for reading this account.

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