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June 30th is known for many historical events throughout the years.  Since today is Saturday, I don’t think I want to go on about The Night Of The Long Knives in Hitler’s Germany of 1934.  The fact of the first … Continue reading

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Hot …Floral Friday

The calendar says next Wednesday is Independence Day, the last major U.S. holiday until Labor Day in September.  In the Northern Hemisphere, July always brings to mind hot days and nights.  So I decided to go with the spirit of … Continue reading

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Human Rights?

We read and hear about human rights abuses in various countries around the world committed by particular political regimes.  There is a plethora of human rights commissions globally and nationally.  There seems to be some progress in the struggle for … Continue reading

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HIV Testing Day

You might figure that you can skip this blog post if you’re not an intravenous drug user, a sex worker or a gay man.  But don’t be too hasty in clicking past here OK? Certainly, when HIV/AIDS was first discovered … Continue reading

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The Pine Ridge Shootout

The area of southwest South Dakota and the neighboring portion of Nebraska have been called the most poverty striken places in the United States.  Allen, South Dakota has been offficially cited as having the lowest per captia income rate in … Continue reading

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The Rainbow Flag

Living in a small town in Nebraska is a pleasant experience.  The people here are basically friendly, kind and well-meaning.  The simplicity and earthiness of this part of the world is mostly agreeable, so I have remained as a resident. … Continue reading

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Mildred’s Artwork

Around 100 years ago Mildred Anderson drew a map of South America for her primary school Geography lesson.  The map, drawn on lined, notebook paper, is the earliest artifact that I have from her small sample of artwork. Her colored … Continue reading

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