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Take The Day Off Because You’re Well

Have you played hooky from work? Maybe you called in sick when you were really healthy and wanted to spend a day away from the job. I’m not talking about people who come down with a case of the “brown … Continue reading

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When we become very tired and in need of rest, it’s time to pause awhile for some sleep. The next time you announce this desire, astonish those around you by quoting Robert Browning. “I have dared and done, for my … Continue reading

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An acquaintance says she feels unwilling to give to charity because she thinks anything she gives won’t go to people who really need the help. She is upset at the revelations that some executives in charge of certain charities are … Continue reading

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Modern Artifacts

There’s a common truism that says we can have a happier life if we appreciate the things we already own. It’s easy to understand how this can be true. As societies we build libraries to enshrine the knowledge we possess, … Continue reading

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Like it or not, there are no frozen moments. Time flows on and so do we. So, how do we move through the world? Do we resist or do we do so gently? There is a common bit of pithy … Continue reading

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To write about good character is to enter into one major trap of ┬ábad character–being moralistic. It’s easy to get on one’s high horse and quote scripture and dusty literary tales. We can risk coming off as prigs by attempting … Continue reading

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Late November Projects …Floral Friday

This week’s projects began with me wondering about eaglets. Yes, the connection between ornithology and floral arts seems odd. In this case, the question came up while examining a vintage animal planter at the Goodwill Store. It’s a nicely detailed … Continue reading

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