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In Haste

It is very easy to obliterate one’s good reputation and public esteem by uttering one ill-considered, hasty remark. A person may build up the regard one has for oneself and from others only to see it fall like a house … Continue reading

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A piece of contemporary, popular advice warns us against being judgmental of others. On the surface, this seems to be a good thing. However, broad, sweeping generalizations raise a large, flapping, red flag in my mind. This popular saying sometimes … Continue reading

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Spider Mum Solitaires …Floral Friday

Our local supermarket doesn’t always sell spider mums separately from grouped assortments. However, whenever they have extra singles, I usually get one. The point is, I really enjoy the various types of spider mums. A single flower seems like an … Continue reading

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By afternoon, the city’s bike/hike trail had been cleared of the light snow that had fallen before noon. Not wanting to waste the dry concrete, I slipped into an insulated barn coat and a stocking cap then stepped outdoors. I … Continue reading

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Clearing Off The Desk

“It’s pointless to have a nice clean desk, because it means you’re not doing anything.”–Michio Kaku Dr. Kaku’s quip is one of my favorite sayings about the subject of desks. I sometimes remember it when my desk becomes cluttered but … Continue reading

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Sincere And Truthful

If a person has no liveliness nor authenticity, she or he is inhibited and comes off as a mannequin. Such a person will be judged by others as vain and unhelpful to society–or worse. This piece of pithy wisdom was … Continue reading

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Very Early Morning

The booming subwoofer in a passing vehicle rattled the house windows and startled me awake. I glanced at the time on my smart watch–the display showed 1:43 am. I briefly considered revenge on the inconsiderate neighbor down the street who … Continue reading

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