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Contemplating Crime

The atmospheric skip was favorable, so my multi-band ghetto blaster managed to receive a shortwave radio station broadcasting from New Zealand. I listened intently as the signal repeatedly faded out and back in. The “RNZ Pacific” announcer was interviewing a … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About Food

The refrigerator defrosting chore earlier this week was a good mindfulness exercise regarding food. When defrosting a refrigerator or deep freezer, you have to temporarily remove each container of food and store it in a place where it will remain … Continue reading

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Contemplating Corn Production

This time of year in Nebraska, our state flower, the goldenrod, is mellow yellow. The deciduous trees have turned color, and the corn growers are sweeping their fields with massive combine harvesters. If you’re driving down rural roads in mid-America … Continue reading

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Friendship is a beautiful type of relationship. We experience a serene type of love that is reinforced by pleasant experiences and enjoyable time spent together. Kindnesses and favors are reciprocal and seemingly automatic. Good friends do good things for each … Continue reading

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New Old Stock

I settled into the easy-chair, took a couple of slow, deep breaths. Then I reached over to the old portable cassette tape recorder and pressed “Play”. Instantly, a loud, mid-range tone blasted out of the recorder’s speaker. This was alarming … Continue reading

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Earlier this month, I had a good opportunity to mindfully experience frustration. The scenario got off to a start with me under-sleeping by about half an hour. Then, I discovered the sweatshirt I had planned to wear had a stain … Continue reading

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Critter Invasion

The stray cats began showing up in the neighborhood early this spring. There were perhaps six or seven of them. This was around the time that my feline friend Orange stopped appearing at my door for a few weeks.┬áThe cats … Continue reading

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