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That Constant Ringing

Why do concert venues promote high-volume, applified noise? At least that’s what over-amped loudspeakers at dance clubs, bars, and auditoriums cause us to ask, as people who want to preserve our hearing. In 1971, I attended a Led Zeppelin concert … Continue reading

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My Somewhat Meteorologist Pal

While watching live coverage of last month’s tornado disaster occuring across Alabama and Georgia, I couldn’t help remarking to myself that Doug would have loved watching the footage with me. My late friend was, for all intents and purposes, an … Continue reading

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Reining In One’s Passions

Dad was a relatively generous, moral man who was thought well of in the community and at his workplace. He was also someone with whom it felt like “walking on eggshells” was absolutely necessary. At the drop of a hat, … Continue reading

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The Hooded Sweatshirt

According to the fashion police, whenever I wear this garment, I commit a fashion felony. Although hooded sweatshirts are all de rigueur these days, clothing with large corporate logos are supposedly taboo in “proper society”. Some experts claim that by … Continue reading

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Eventual Obscurity

Last week I began the process of culling photos out of the WordPress media library for this blog because they are ineffiently taking up a lot of bandwidth. This blog’s library is already reaching it’s capacity on a paid platform … Continue reading

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What Is Inspirational?

I asked Walter what inspired him. The 94-year-old acquaintance answered, “I want to remain relevant to myself.” He reflected that for much of his life, he was worried about keeping up with popular social trends and political beliefs. As Walter … Continue reading

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Our Inner Curmudgeons

Jonathan noticed my copy of Mark Twain’s collected works parked on the sofa. My friend stated that he was only familiar with Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, but not much else about the writer’s other stories. I asked Jonathan whether … Continue reading

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