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That Stranger You’ll Never Forget

While in the midst of a pleasant stroll home from the downtown coffee shop, my mind wandered into nostalgic territory. Lovely memories of strangers I’ve encountered brought a smile to my face. There have been dozens of anonymous people who … Continue reading

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I can scarcely believe today is the September Equinox already. Time seems to pass quickly these days. The equinoxes and solstices are the least arbitrary marking points in our planet’s orbit around our star. Truth be told, today is only … Continue reading

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Revisiting An Old Hobby

An old junior high buddy contacted me on Facebook this month after being separated from each other for several decades. Gary and I used to hang out at Irvingdale Park in Lincoln, Nebraska during summer school breaks and at each … Continue reading

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Creative Living

There’s the matter of joy that arises from creating something each day. At least this is something my friends group and I have noticed and encouraged over the past several years. Jonathan enjoys tweaking retail displays at his job. Andrew … Continue reading

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Idea Swapping

Two weeks ago, I mentioned briefly in this blog that I had been searching for an errant, missing battery charger for one of my inexpensive pocket cameras. I searched high and low for the thing with no luck. This Tuesday, … Continue reading

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The Clipboard

The decades-old clipboard leaned against the old stereo equipment stand in my den. I had recently tucked a few reminders of what needed prompt attention–some Russian Cyrillic cursive practice, Russian vocabulary drills, and a “Human Rights Campaign” bumper sticker. (The … Continue reading

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Blue Sky

During a stroll through the neighborhood, I was struck by the unusually rich blue tone of the sky. Was it due to less humidity in the air? Was the angle of the Sun a factor? Were there fewer pollutants swirling … Continue reading

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