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Street Children

Do you notice children on the streets at the times they are supposed to be attending school?  Do you ever wonder why they’re where they should not be? Some of those kids are not merely truant.  They’re street children. Street children … Continue reading

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American Poverty Awareness

Poverty is a real and controversial issue as it occurs in the United States.  We might take an analytical view of the problem by crunching numbers. For instance, the official poverty levels determined by the U.S. Health and Human Services … Continue reading

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On Thomas Paine Day

Despite commonly held opinions, many people are opposed to and frightened of  actual freedom.  This has long been the case, even here in the United States of America, where freedom is highly praised. One of our founding fathers, who was … Continue reading

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Know Yourself

I had not seen Jorge for more than a month because his driving route had been temporarily changed to make up for a coworker’s vacation schedule.  So it was really good to visit him again. My friend said he has … Continue reading

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Succulent Elements …Floral Friday

Succulents are among the most fascinating plants on Earth.  They have evolved to survive some of the most harsh conditions that Mother Nature can throw at us.  Their varied shapes and sizes make them pleasing to look at and attractive … Continue reading

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Happy Republic Day (India)

Today, I want to send special greetings to my readers who live in India or those who have Indian ancestry. I hope you have a Happy 68th Republic Day.  The few weeks I spent in your country positively affected how … Continue reading

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Opposite Day

Who has not pondered the liar paradox?  That is the scenario when a liar states that she/he is lying.  If the liar is lying that person is telling the truth; which, in turn means the liar is lying. The liar … Continue reading

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