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On Floral Design Day

A comment I sometimes hear at funeral visitations goes something like this, “I didn’t want to spend money on something so frivolous as flowers.”  I don’t know if the commenter is being miserly or if they’re financially strapped.  In either … Continue reading

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Happy Losar

Those of us who observe and practice Tibetan Buddhism, will celebrate Losar the next three days. Losar is the variety of Asian New Year that sometimes shares the same date with Chinese New Year. Tibetan culture is structured around a … Continue reading

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Does Goodness Require An Incentive?

This morning, I leafed through a small square book of quotes that a friend gave me many years ago. I stopped at an unremarkable, yet meaningful anonymous saying. The page contained only this, “Doing good may not get you accolades … Continue reading

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Renaissance Of The Heart

It’s hard to ignore the recent upsurge in disharmony in the United States and Europe during the past few months.  In the US, The Klan, neo-Nazis, religious fundamentalists, and radicalized individuals have become more publicly bold. Police have noted an … Continue reading

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Tinny …Floral Friday

I don’t know if “Shabby Chic” is still a decorating style or not.  I came across some items that reminded me of the idea this week.  All three are constructed of metal and have a distinctive “tinny” appearance.  In as … Continue reading

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Single Tasking

The act of juggling two or more tasks at the same time obtained its own name a few years ago–multi-tasking.  We became proud of how many tasks we could do at one time.  Multi-tasking was greatly encouraged by business managers in their … Continue reading

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To Justify Evil

Students of the history of the Second World War know that Nazi leader of the SS, Heinrich Himmler was one of the chief architects of the Holocaust. Party insiders knew that Himmler didn’t have much of a stomach for unpleasant … Continue reading

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