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Small Arrangements …Floral Friday

The idea today is to construct small floral arrangements¬†within the limited confines of bud vases. The biggest obstacle to overcome is to use multiple elements without the entire composition appearing top-heavy. Good visual proportions were easiest with this stainless steel … Continue reading

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Does Truth Matter?

The subject of truth is one littered with booby traps and dead ends. The truth is something we all have an opinion about. This week I overheard a woman sadly ask her companion, “Does the truth even matter anymore?” I … Continue reading

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The railroad crossing barrier had been lowered for what seemed like¬†an eternity and my car was sandwiched between a rusty pickup behind me and a Subaru sedan ahead. There was just a scattering of “reading material” on the car in … Continue reading

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While having lunch with Jonathan last Thursday, he steered our conversation towards his more serious concerns. Jonathan had a close brush with death when he was a high school student. He interpreted the incident as a wake-up call to pay … Continue reading

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Just Because

Yesterday my friend Andy gave me an old, brass vase. It wasn’t my birthday, I hadn’t accomplished anything special, it wasn’t even an anniversary of our friendship. I asked Andy why he gave it to me. He said, “just because”. … Continue reading

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What Is?

When we notice a cloud in the sky and simply experience the act of noticing, we see “what is” for what it is. The moment we label it as a cloud, or the category of cloud it is, or what … Continue reading

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Just Do It

The corporate marketing slogan for the Nike Corporation is arguably one of the most successful in business history. They took a short motivational sentence and caused the public to automatically think about their products whenever we see or hear it. … Continue reading

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