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Happy Hallowe’en

Even us skeptical folks enjoy a little bit of cultural make-believe and fun. A tad bit of escapism and play-acting take the edge off of our angst-filled, super serious world. Why not let our hair down or put it up … Continue reading

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Visit A Cemetery Day

Back in the day when dad was a member of the Wayne County (Nebraska) Historical Society, we used to drive to the old LaPorte Cemetery to clean up the weeds and trash around the old gravestones. The old town of … Continue reading

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Life Eras

Dreams sometimes provide prompts for short ramblings on this blog. I try not to bore you by outlining the dreams themselves, too often. There are instance when I do because a dream’s images are germain to my message. For instance, … Continue reading

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Specials …Floral Friday

The three arrangements assembled for today are certainly out of the ordinary–especially the first one. The vases pretty much call for unique, special treatment because of their shapes or decorations. All of these were enjoyable projects. I’m still trying to … Continue reading

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My friend Andrew named his cat “Ducky” even though the feline in no way resembles a duck. That is until the cat opens his mouth to vocally communicate. Ducky is incapable of meowing; he can only emit an “ack” sound. … Continue reading

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The Alpha Squirrel

I noticed the neighborhood stray tuxedo cat stalking the alpha squirrel who was nibbling nuggets in my front yard. I mumbled to myself that the cat will regret any attack she makes on that squirrel. The battle-worn rodent had championed … Continue reading

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Something About Insight

Many people are fearful towards insight because of the possibility that their most cherished opinions and beliefs might be disproven. This is one important reason why we are wise to be careful about attachments to view. If one is free … Continue reading

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