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Captain Kangaroo

There are some aspects of daily life that become so ubiquitous that we forget individual examples of those aspects. We remember being a child, but we only remember a very few specific details of our childhood. That period of our … Continue reading

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Civil War Thoughts

The extent to which people allow ourselves to view other people as different has amazed me as long as I can remember.  I could never understand how otherwise decent people can justify killing other human beings.  I guess I understood … Continue reading

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Reunion With Felix (1987) III

Thursday is the last full day Sheen and I can spend in Los Angeles.  By late morning, we had finished our tour of Universal Studios.  We spot a small Mexican cafe nearby so we opt for a snack of vegetarian … Continue reading

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Reunion With Felix (1987) II

The Datsun 310 brakes to exit the Ventura Freeway on the ramp just before the Hollywood Freeway exit.  The car crosses a major expressway then to a subdevelopment of large apartment blocks.  The buildings appear to have been built in … Continue reading

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Reunion With Felix (1987)

Sheen’s bucket seat abruptly adjusts from fully reclined to fully upright. The ratcheting of the car’s seat startles me. My Kool drops to the floormat of my Datsun 310 two door sedan. I reach down to pick up the cigarette. … Continue reading

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Novelties …Floral Friday

From time to time it’s fun and thoughtful to be light-hearted and topical. Some of those times call for a spontaneous gift to show appreciation for the relationship with a friend or family member. You don’t need to be showy … Continue reading

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As we look out through our eyes, or listen through our ears, or feel through our touch, we feel like we’re separate entities and in some sense that the rest of the people and creatures are somehow somewhat less sentient … Continue reading

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