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Puttering Around …Floral Friday

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Last week, I enjoyed a creative burst.  I made up so many arrangements that I had to promise to carry over some to later.  Now, is that later time.  I have five more experiments that were completely fun to make. … Continue reading

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More Meanderings

We humans find it easy to think of ourselves as exceptions to many of the universe’s limitations.  The way our mind works, individually, subjectively, we have the sensation that we’re the center of the universe.  Sometimes, especially when we’re young, we … Continue reading

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The First Of Thoth

If you’re an Egyptophile,  I want to wish you a happy New Year, today.  Because of the agrarian nature of ancient Egyptian society, the first day of the first month took place when Sirius the Dog Star could first be … Continue reading

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Oh, What A Feeling….

On August 28, 1937, Kiichiro Toyoda launched a new division of his father’s Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd.  A company that was to eventually affect millions of Japanese and people worldwide. It was time to officially establish the Toyoda Motor … Continue reading

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Crazy Horse

Sometimes we come across a story that is so compelling and moving that we’re almost at a loss for words to  recount it in the manner it deserves.  Once in awhile, we find a tale about an historical figure of … Continue reading

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Silence Please

I walked into the back door of my little house then turned to hang up my hat.  I breathed a sigh of satisfaction knowing that my yardwork was complete for now.  Looking up, I noticed a daddy long legs spider … Continue reading

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Over this morning’s coffee with Jorge, the topic was practice.  He said that the variety of meanings of that English word had puzzled him for many years.  Jorge has marvelled at how context gives the English word meaning.  He claims … Continue reading

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