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Fancy Things …Floral Friday

I’ve been very fortunate to come across several attractive collectable items recently.  Before I put them on shelves or otherwise displayed them, I decided to compose some still-life photographs of them. The decoupaged vase featuring two girls in a classic … Continue reading

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International Day Of Friendship

If there’s one positive take-away from my youth I always want to keep, its the exposure to people from other countries. This has been a constant throughout my life.  It began with the Foreign Exchange Student who stayed with our … Continue reading

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Putinism (Review)

Russia seems, to me, to be a dark, mysterious, dangerous, and forbidding place. Perhaps that is so, because I grew up in the midst of the Cold War.  The very taboo nature of the Soviet Union engaged my fascination like … Continue reading

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Kennewick Man

It was an Internet meme that repeatedly appeared in emails and social media posts to me that restarted my curiosity about the archaeological work around the so-called Kennewick Man. Shortly following the public release of the results of facial reconstruction … Continue reading

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This Is Wheat Day

I  noticed the advertisement in the sidebar at the right side of the Facebook page.  The headline screamed over a photo of a bagel, that I must stop eating wheat right now. I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, … Continue reading

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Going Postal (Op Ed)

Hidden just below the surface of many of today’s news headlines in the United States, is the privatization mania that is tempting American movers and shakers. Throughout the years, there have been many attempts to divest the US of our … Continue reading

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My New Old Telephone

Dad finally decided to liquidate his inventory of antique and vintage items from the basement of his house late last month.  At one time, he was an antiques dealer, so there was quite a variety of items stored around the … Continue reading

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