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The Tungaska Event

People enjoy complicated, mysterious explanations of why and how things happen.  In a more reasonable way of seeing a phenomenon, is in the use of Occam’s Razor.  That is, a scientist or person should first try simpler hypotheses before advancing … Continue reading

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Henry Gerber

The various civil rights movements in the United States can trace their birth and growth back to compassionate people of foresight and courage.  The African-American community can thank people like W.E.B. DuBois, Martin Luther King, Junior and many others.  Early … Continue reading

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Late June Projects …Floral Friday

The year will be half over in only a few days, so it’s time to take care of some projects I planned earlier.  I’d brought a few containers to the front of my supply shelf to prioritize them.  The plan … Continue reading

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National HIV Testing Day

32 years have elapsed since the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) was discovered.  The initial hysteria and fears about HIV and AIDS has diminished considerably in the intervening years. However, the risks of people acquiring HIV are still serious and still … Continue reading

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Support Victims Of Torture

I think about the Inquisition, first of all, whenever the topic of torture comes up in conversation.  I also sometimes think of “Chinese Water Torture”.  I can’t help but wish the barbaric practice of torture would go away forever. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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I Related To George Orwell

I can thank the writings of George Orwell for fortifying my interests in philosophy and political science.  My initial exposure to his brilliance was during my sophomore year of high school.  It was at a time that I had jettisoned my … Continue reading

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My Privacy Views

I spent a good portion of 2010 working for the United States Census Bureau.  It was my first, practical exposure to how large numbers of people view privacy concerns.  It was fascinating to observe how my fellow Northeast Nebraskans felt … Continue reading

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