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1944 …Floral Friday

While dusting the bookshelves, I noticed an old florist book that I haven’t consulted in at least a decade. I had purchased it on eBay to better know what types of arrangements were used when my old vases had been … Continue reading

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When a people confine their vision to popular memes, they stifle their own vitality. People who guide their lives by myths and shiboleths hold others back. The person who goes along just to get along will likely encounter mental stagnation. … Continue reading

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Good Manners

The most dainty child and the most gruff redneck harbor sensitive feelings. We’re all “snowflakes” in some way. Resentments are planted and violence erupts when feelings are hurt. We may disguise our pains with the denial of a stiff upper … Continue reading

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That Stranger You’ll Never Forget

While in the midst of a pleasant stroll home from the downtown coffee shop, my mind wandered into nostalgic territory. Lovely memories of strangers I’ve encountered brought a smile to my face. There have been dozens of anonymous people who … Continue reading

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“An attack upon our ability to tell stories is not just censorship – it is a crime against our nature as human beings.”–Salman Rushdie Whenever someone issues an edict or warning with the aim of preventing me from reading something, … Continue reading

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I can scarcely believe today is the September Equinox already. Time seems to pass quickly these days. The equinoxes and solstices are the least arbitrary marking points in our planet’s orbit around our star. Truth be told, today is only … Continue reading

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Revisiting An Old Hobby

An old junior high buddy contacted me on Facebook this month after being separated from each other for several decades. Gary and I used to hang out at Irvingdale Park in Lincoln, Nebraska during summer school breaks and at each … Continue reading

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