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Pondering Safety

I watched another old video about the construction of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge this week because it came up in the YouTube algorithm twice in one day. This particular film focused on the placement and spinning of the massive … Continue reading

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Parker’s eyes light up, a toothy smile floods his face, and we fist-bump all at the same time. It’s refreshing to be greeted by a sincere smile. When the gesture is spontaneous and natural, it comes from someone who is … Continue reading

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National Creativity Day

An acquaintance asked about my blog and in particular if it was making me any money. I told him that my blog is not monetized and that I actually have to pay a yearly fee to have it. It’s like … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2023

Today’s holiday is often misunderstood by many American citizens. Memorial Day is not about a big car race in Indiana, nor special sales events, nor even picnics. Memorial Day is all about our fallen military heroes. Memorial Day was originally … Continue reading

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A few YouTube fashion vloggers have mentioned the style concept of sprezzatura as a favorable habit to develop. It’s an old Italian word that describes a studied, nonchalant attitude towards style. The first noteworthy appearance of the term was used … Continue reading

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Live And Let Live

There’s little doubt that many people have surrendered to the wiles of highly manipulative leaders. Fear and negativity are more emotionally forceful than love and positivity. Far fewer candidates for public leadership envision the reality of favorable human evolution compared … Continue reading

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On Brother’s Day 2023

As of early January, Mark has been gone for eleven years. He died on the operating table to repair an aeortic anuerysm after seven-hours in surgery. Although more than a decade has elapsed, this still feels like it happened more … Continue reading

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