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The Nebraska Blue Print: Some Back Issues

When you drive towards Lincoln, Nebraska from the East, West, or North, the first feature you see is the tower of the state capitol building.  By city ordinance, no building can be taller than this structure. If you decide to … Continue reading

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Rich Tones …Floral Friday

One of the beautiful things about creativity is how we can use color to affect our moods.  Different shades and tones can influence whether we feel anxious or relaxed.  They can also subtly affect whether we feel cooler or warmer. That’s … Continue reading

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International Cyrus The Great Day

On the face of it, many of us might think it’s preposterous that an old Iranian was one of the main proponants of human rights.  After all, the modern day Iranian regime is infamous for enforcing strict religious law.  The … Continue reading

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What About The Constellation Program?

Five years ago the successor to the Space Shuttle Program was shelved by the US Government.  The Constellation Program was an ambitious NASA project to restart manned missions to the Moon and ultimately begin manned exploration of Mars. The name … Continue reading

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Something About Emily Post

Emily Post overshadowed her contemporary, Amy Vanderbilt, and was one of the role models for Judith Martin, aka. Miss Manners.  All three became famous as authorities on social behavior.  Emily Post, and later, Miss Manners based their advice by applying … Continue reading

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Chili Month

I looked at the Crockpot yesterday and tried to figure out how many batches of chili have been prepared in it. I bought the thing back in 1988, so I used that as the baseline. I prepare chili, from scratch, … Continue reading

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The Gay Revolution (Review)

I couldn’t anticipate the release of Lillian Faderman’s latest book because I hadn’t encountered any publicity about it.  That’s why, when I noticed it at the Norfolk (Nebraska) Public Library, I did a double-take.  Naturally, The Gay Revolution: The Story Of The … Continue reading

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