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Many years ago, a beloved great uncle advised me to examine any life path, ie. career, religious choice, relationship, with great care and deliberation. Uncle Ivan shared the question that his grandfather asked him, “Does the path have heart? If … Continue reading

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You are investigating a particular aspect of a certain subject and have experimented, read about, and discussed that aspect with others. You feel confident that you have uncovered facts and reasonably objective truths about this concept. You feel more qualified … Continue reading

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I wonder what combination of ingredients in the pizza sauce created such a delightful sensation of umami on my tongue. Whatever it was, made it easy to overrule my usual temperance regarding overeating. Perhaps I could also blame my friend … Continue reading

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Dry …Floral Friday

Halfway through working on this week’s projects, my work area had become cluttered with crunchy, dusty plant parts. I’d forgotten how messy working with dried plants really is. I managed to finish all three arrangements despite the distraction of stepping … Continue reading

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2022

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. A day that has been reserved for meditation upon and reflection of the horrific events leading up to and culminating in the genocide that murdered millions of Jews and others in systematic cruelty. Under the … Continue reading

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Radium Glow

A few weeks ago, I decided to bring a vintage Ingersoll mechanical alarm clock out of storage and place it on display in my bedroom. It has a large, dark blue Bakelite case and a chrome plated bell that completely … Continue reading

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One of the best pieces of advice ever shared with me came from a centenarian friend who passed away a few years ago. Anton told me to trust myself and not rely upon authority figures–even those with whose policies and … Continue reading

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