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Succulent Ideas …Floral Friday

The shapes, forms, and colors of succulent plants have interested us for years. Whether it’s a cactus, echeveria, or sempervivum, there’s something about this type of plant that is visually appealing. I like to use cacti and other succulents in creative dish or … Continue reading

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Rjukan Sees The Light

Rjukan is a picturesque small town west of Oslo in southern Norway. The town has a short, but technologically interesting history. The name is pronounced, “ryou-kahn”.  A new chemical method to produce nitrogen based artificial fertilizers was developed by Norwegian chemist Kristian … Continue reading

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National Hermit Day

I met Yves at the funeral of a friend six years ago. He was the first self-identified hermit I’d ever come across. (Most solitary people do not label themselves as such.) He was affiliated with the monastery, Saint-Benoît de Nursie of Montréal, Canada. I’m … Continue reading

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The ALCAN Highway Is Finished

An acquaintance of dad’s and mine drives his Prius to Alaska every other year. As far as I can tell, the only reason he does so, is because it is possible. Roger is not the average tourist, who goes camping or sight-seeing. He’s … Continue reading

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It’s Navy Day

Like many families, mine has a history of men and women serving in the armed forces. My dad and several great uncles served in the Army, another uncle was in the Air Force, a second cousin served as a Marine, and some first … Continue reading

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Something About The Pony Express

The legends about the original Pony Express are legion and integral to the aura surrounding our ideas about life in the United States during the 19th Century. Most of us learned that the Pony Express was also very short-lived. We were told that the … Continue reading

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Make A Difference Day

I have two opinions about national special helping days. Certainly a day like today’s Make A Difference Day, can be the beginning of a new chapter in one’s life. It’s a good way to steer one’s compassionate instincts towards constructive activity. I also … Continue reading

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