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Late March Experiments …Floral Friday

Well, we’ve already reached the end of the first quarter of 2023. It’s time to consolidate items from the first part of the year as we prepare to begin the rest of the first half. I had a few floral … Continue reading

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Virtually Vacationing

Earlier this week, I felt nostalgic about a commute route I used to drive. So I decided to ride along with someone on US Highway 101 from San Jose to San Francisco. This was not physically possible at the time … Continue reading

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Smoke And Mirrors

A few years ago, one of my former boyfriends told me an anecdote that he enjoyed. Steve had heard that the famous 17th century astronomer, Johannes Kepler came up with the term “camera obscura” for a trick that had been … Continue reading

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As the weather moderates into warmer temperatures, I notice more damage to the yard that took place this past winter. There is also a large swath of ground at the edge of the riverbank in my backyard that animals have … Continue reading

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Society admires and expects a certain level of simplicity in life. We heap praise upon people who selflessly share in the true spirit of charity towards all people–especially towards the disadvantaged and poor. Such generous individuals do this out of … Continue reading

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Until the world’s powerful people are eager and willing to lay out the actual systemic causes of societal problems, humanity will continue through the horrendous cycles of pointing at real or imagined problems; refusing to honestly face the root causes … Continue reading

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A Better Version

The northerly wind increased speed between the time I sat with Orange the cat and when I opened the laptop to tap out a few words for this blog. Despite living in this small house for a few decades, I … Continue reading

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