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Is The Observer The Observed?

The man and the youth sat at the empty picnic table in the small town park. The sound of distant lawn mowers, laughing children, and twittering birds filled the pause in conversation.  I was probably all of sixteen years old … Continue reading

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The Hotline

Truth is often less amusing than fiction.  The 1964 dark-comedy movie, “Dr. Strangelove” utilized the newly installed hotline between Moscow and Washington.  President Merkin Muffley confers with his counterpart in Moscow during the height of the nuclear crisis. The movie’s telephone … Continue reading

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Matériaux …Floral Friday

Artists have long known that the nature of a substance affects the outcome of a project.  On the surface, this seems obvious.  After awhile, this fact finds its way into the recesses of memory and is not consciously resourced.  It … Continue reading

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August Is Romance Awareness Month

During his last visit, my friend Jorge weaseled out a confession from me.  Jorge mentioned that he regretted throwing out all his old love letters.  My friend had come across the idea that he wanted to write a book or … Continue reading

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Fascination With Sri Chinmoy

1973 was a watershed year for my inner life.  It was a time of sorting through various occult arts and study.  Personal meditation practice had become more focused.  My musical tastes were expanding into new directions, as well. Music provides … Continue reading

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Everybody’s Book Of Knowledge (Review)

I slid the book from the new books shelf because of the title.  Everybody’s Book of Knowledge.  I was immediately reminded of the set of encyclopedia we had in our home when I was young.  Our family’s 20 volume set … Continue reading

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Life On The Moon In 1835

On the sultry streets of New York City of August 25, 1835, newsies cried out the headlines about a major discovery.   New Yorkers were compelled to read about an incredible world, filled with strange plants and animals.  There were living things … Continue reading

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