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Musical Bowls …Floral Friday

For the last day of the first month, using freshly polished crystal bowls seemed like a good idea. Today we have two clear large bowls and one smaller tinted bowl.  All three give pleasing musical tones when gently hit. No … Continue reading

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Walking West On The East Path

One of the best perks the City of Norfolk, Nebraska has added during the past few years is the paved bicycle/hiking path. Specifically the path that was built along the river in the eastern part of town. The segment I … Continue reading

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Curmudgeon Or Crosspatch

I am at the age which qualifies me to be an authentic curmudgeon. It is possible for this state of mind to devolve into becoming a crosspatch. The difference matters, regarding interpersonal relationships and personal well-being. You might say a … Continue reading

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The Road Trip

Steve had never been to the Black Hills of South Dakota. That’s unusual because most of the people I know here in Northeast Nebraska have been there at least once. Most of my other friends have vacationed in the Black … Continue reading

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Today really deserves to be a red-letter holiday around the world. January 27th is more than worthy of this designation because we need to be reminded of very noteworthy events that took place on this date in the 20th century. … Continue reading

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There’s a bottle of “Nu Finish” car polish stored underneath the kitchen sink. Although I don’t use it on the car, I use it on various old plastic items around the house to make them look newer and to protect … Continue reading

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Is Today Opposite Day?

Is a question the opposite of a statement? If I ask whether or not today is Opposite Day is it Opposite Day or is it not Opposite Day? Is this how to get around the paradox about announcing that today … Continue reading

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