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What is the difference between sound and noise? Have you ever pondered this question? During formal meditation yesterday, it entered my mind. Sound is the overall term for auditory phenomenon. Something occurs to generate mechanical waves of pressure andĀ dispersement through … Continue reading

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On Friendship Day

Some of our holidays commemorate controversial events or people, that’s just the way things are. There are at least a few unofficial holidays that I believe should be official and hold a much more prominent place on our calendars. Foremost … Continue reading

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What’s OK About You?

Yesterday my boyfriend leaned back on the sofa and began listing some of the things he likes about me. While, I’m not a humble braggart nor do I fish for compliments, it was very pleasant to hear his positive opinions … Continue reading

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Prefab Fakes …Floral Friday

My summertime pause continues into day two with a break from inventing floral arrangements for today. Instead, I glanced around the house for some normally overlooked items. These are artificial or artistically manufactured plant-like forms. One of my all-time favorites … Continue reading

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Happy Refreshments Day

I’m finally taking a short writing break of a couple of days to allow for a creative rest. After all, I’ve been posting blog entries, every single day since the summer of 2010. Most of them have been on WordPress … Continue reading

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Thinking About Peace

You’d think we’d have learned how to get along by now. We have access to the necessary knowledge to do so. Now, more than at any other time in history, we can learn more factual information about nearly all the … Continue reading

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Yank Magazine, September 7, 1945

Yank magazine was one of those morale building things regularly passed out to soldiers in World War Two along with cigarettes and chewing gum. It was positive propaganda, cartoons, and pin-up girls–just the right thing in the mindĀ -numbing pressure of … Continue reading

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