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Some Zip Disk Files

The old “iomega” Zip Drive and short stack of Zip Disks have been on my to do list for awhile. The obsolete disks contain a lot of old letters, memos, tax data, and miscellaneous files. Three of the disks are … Continue reading

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Compensative Creativity?

Writing is a struggle when I must hunt and peck the keys. It’s physically challenging and mentally challenging. It took three or four moments longer than usual to tap out the first several words of this paragraph, today. The reason … Continue reading

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Base Red …Floral Friday

While wearing a medium red tee-shirt, I washed and polished three red vases. I like to work with red containers when the weather is hazy and overcast. Today, I have three variants of vases featuring various shades of the color … Continue reading

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Do you have days that are very slow but not frustratingly so? The slow pace feels governed by a pleasantly tired body which leads to an overly relaxed state of mind. This particular feeling is not induced by control substances … Continue reading

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Living life on “auto-pilot” can result in a gradual misalignment of our actions from our personal values. A person may realize that she is not being true to herself because she has been allowing others or society to determine what … Continue reading

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I Fell In Love With Electronica

An email about an early electronic music pioneer inspired a longer than usual response from me. John, who lives in San Jose, alerted me to some information about Delia Derbyshire. She was employed by the BBC and performed many early … Continue reading

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Pondering Peace

“Peace is liberty in tranquility.”–Marcus Tullius Cicero I stumbled across the Cicero statement by accident yesterday and it stopped me dead in my tracks.┬áHis definition of peace felt like a cup of refreshing cool water that is offered to quench … Continue reading

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