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Sleep Tracking At My Home

I was asked by Neil of “Yeah, Another Blogger” fame how my Galaxy Watch could determine when I’m in REM state. This was in reference to Thursday’s “The Biological Clock” post on this blog. I couldn’t provide a satisfactory answer, … Continue reading

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Still More Brass …Floral Friday

A recurring vase material for Floral Friday is Indian brass. Many people have an affinity for brass due to its rich appearance and versatile ruggedness. It is manufactured in many shapes–much of it by hand. I enjoy Indian brass because … Continue reading

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The Biological Clock

The dream was uplifting and happy; and it seemed to have lasted the entire night. Upon awakening, I checked the smart watch’s sleep app to determine how much REM sleep I’d had because that type of sleep provides our most … Continue reading

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Good Timing

While performing the monthly underhood inspection of the ol’ Camry this past weekend, I realized that I’ve never had to adjust the engine timing on my cars since I sold the Honda way back when. I don’t even remember when … Continue reading

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The Love Of Learning

My friend José asked if I had ever considered becoming a school teacher. I replied that I once seriously thought of doing so, but after much analysis and brainstorming, decided against it. José said he had given public education serious … Continue reading

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Dark Skies

The meteor burned for about two seconds until its streak of light vanished. I reflexively glanced as it had appeared barely within my vision, in the east. The space rock must have been more massive than the average meteor but … Continue reading

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Knowing People

There’s something unbalanced about having many strangers knowing your face and voice. The public’s one-sided relationship remains somewhat unsettling when complete strangers walk up to you and begin conversing like you’re old friends. Some people believe they know you better … Continue reading

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