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Supernova USA?

In the wee hours, early Sunday morning, I experienced a rather striking dream.  It was an exceptionally lucid, tactile dream.  I had the sense that it took place in the foreseeable future, but it was not necessarily prophetic.  In hindsight, … Continue reading

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Some Pithy Quotes

Browsing through a stack of old books isn’t only a good way to productively relax. It’s a good way to productively ponder life. The public library has an annual sale of old and donated books as a fundraising event. A … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Weekend 2011

One of my earliest reminiscences of Memorial Day was in 1960. Hawai’i had fairly recently joined the union so dad had purchased a brand new 50 star flag to display on the front porch. I was sitting on the front … Continue reading

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Late Spring

To say climate change isn’t happening is to be in denial.  Freakish and very tragic weather events have been happening in the USA and globally. Here, in Northeast Nebraska, we’ve experienced a roller coaster ride of peculiarities.  Snowfall in the … Continue reading

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Brassy …Floral Friday

I find myself with some unplanned, extra time on my hands as I put together this bluejaypost ahead of time on Wednesday. The weather is a miserable, misty, rainy, windy mess. My San Jose Sharks have bowed out of play … Continue reading

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Health Fetish

“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” –Mark Twain– The awareness of our mortality sometimes presents itself graphically now and then.  The rest of the time we sort of cruise through life with hardly a … Continue reading

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Sometimes as a conversation starter, someone will ask if I’m a cat or a dog person.  I will truthfully state that I like both, the preference of one over the other depends on the kind of day I’m having. I’ve … Continue reading

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